Success Stories

Our favorite part is the happily-ever-after.

We love to hear from families who have adopted an animal from us and we love learning about their new lives together. Here are just a few of our success stories.

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Sadie, 2019


"She has gotten over just about all of her agression issues. Yesterday she went to the dog park for the first time! She did great! Everyone loved her and she played the most with this beautiful purebred hunting dog. She is making friends and has completed her very first overnight hiking trip.”


Cable, 2018


“We met Sherry through our neighborhood website.  We started off fostering three American bulldog pups, and of course we absolutely fell in love with this beautiful blue eyed boy we named Cable!  We had to keep him as part of our family! 

We have continued to try to help Sherry and her team by fostering. We have welcomed two more American bulldogs and now we are pup-sitting a tiny white Jack Russell mix who will go back to her adopted family very soon!”


Ruger, 2017


Ruger, formerly known as “Mocha,” was pulled from a kill-shelter. Our team knew this sweet pup had potential and deserved to live!

He is now in training to be a service dog.


Gully, 2016


Gully was found in a ditch, cold and alone. When we rescued him, he was sweet-as-can-be even though he had clearly not had a great start at life.

Today, Gully is loving his forever home and spends his days playing and cuddling!